Pokemon White – First Wifi Battle and Wifi Restrictions

If everyone noticed, I had a battle with Yumeka about an hour ago and we have noticed some limitations… They are:

  • You get to see the opponent’s team like you do in Pokemon Battle Revolution.
  • “No Restrictions” allows you to pick six Pokemon, but they keep the same levels. Considering that level grinding with the new Experience System is very slow for high leveled Pokemon, it will be difficult to have all the Pokemon on the same level.
  • Flat Battle has many restrictions. Legendaries are prohibited, Species Clause, Sleep Clause, and Item Clause. The number of Pokemon you can have at one time is 3 (4 for Double and Rotation Battles. All 6 in Triple Battles.).

So pretty much Gamefreak has nerfed online battling in a way that there is hardly any freedom. If only they added custom rules from Pokemon Battle Revolution, this would have been all right since you can change these restrictions… Until that comes in a form of Pokemon Battle Revolution 2 or Pokemon Grey, you have to get used to this or do the battles on the older games instead.

As for the battles after the epic fail “No Restrictions” were pretty much even. I kind of messed up with the first one since Madoka (Vaporeon) was underleveled… but managed to win the second one and beating Umbreon with Rakka (Altaria). Yes, we know Altaria is not the strongest dragon Pokemon out there, but it’s cute and bulky. Once I get a Life Orb, it should balance out and be able to OHKO/2HKO Pokemon after 1-2 Dragon Dance.

Also, if anyone wants to battle me through Pokemon White or my older games, just ask me over Twitter so we can arrange a time and exchange friend codes.

To view the Battle on your DS, the Battle Video Number is 32-02800-03169

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  1. Yumeka says:

    Cool, I didn’t know you recorded our last battle =D I have favorited it! Oh, and once again I love your anime nicknames ^^

    I too wonder why GameFreak changed the Wi-fi battle restrictions so much. Having the option to include those restrictions would be fine, but completely eliminating auto-leveled 6 versus 6 battles is a huge disappointment (along with not being able to transfer items from the 4th generation games). Now I’m reluctant to transfer my strongest pokemon into B&W (not that I do much competitive battling anyway XD) I’ll have to think about what to do with them now. But I’ll probably end up transferring them all anyway so they can help me out in the Battle Subway =P

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